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Science Fiction: Printable Author List



When you read science fiction, no matter which authors you choose, you can be assured of a reading experience quite unlike any other genre! Science fiction is chock full of ground-breaking ideas, wonder and exploration, adventure and entertainment.

How do we know what science fiction is? Most works of science fiction take place in a universe that is governed by natural laws and reason, not magic or the supernatural. Even if the science or technology is in the background and unexplained, the basis of the world is grounded in scientific principles.

The world of published science fiction is incredibly diverse, so the listed categories are rarely cut and dried. Science fiction authors love to experiment with different types of stories.

Classic Authors

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Poul Anderson

Isaac Asimov

Octavia Butler

Arthur C. Clarke

Philip K. Dick

Philip Jose Farmer

Joe Haldeman

Robert A. Heinlein

Ursula K. LeGuin

Larry Niven

Frederik Pohl

Robert Silverberg

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

H.G. Wells

Gene Wolfe

Far Future Sagas

Far future sagas, also sometimes known as space operas, consider the question of humanity's ultimate fate or some universal apocalyptic event, all on a grand scope. The emphasis is usually on action and big ideas set in an interstellar or interplanetary setting.

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Kevin J. Anderson - Saga of Seven Suns

Iain M. Banks - Culture Series

Peter F. Hamilton

Robert Reed

Alastair Reynolds

Dan Simmons - Hyperion Cantos, Endymion

John C. Wright

Cyberpunk and Beyond

Classic cyberpunk is usually set in the near future, focuses on technology and how it is driving/ruling society and identity. It is gritty in tone and feel, often dealing with virtual realities, drugs, crimes. More recently, authors have been adding postmodern elements onto cyberpunk basics in fun and inventive ways while losing some of the darker edges.

9780765312792.jpg 1591024420.jpg 0441012035.jpg 9780765317414.jpg 0553096095.jpg 0553104845.jpg

Elizabeth Bear - Hammered and sequels

Cory Doctorow

David Edelman

William Gibson

Rudy Rucker

Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash is his classic

Bruce Sterling

Alien Cultures and Contact

There are plenty of hostile and horrific aliens in science fiction, but there also intriguing beings that peacefully interact with or simply puzzle human beings. Authors speculate on the relationships between aliens and humans and often explore how they might differ from us in every way, physical, mental, and cultural. But don't forget those scary aliens!

A classic of alien/human interaction is The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin.

9780765350480.jpg 0553100343.jpg 075640374X.jpg 0679451501.jpg 0446523224.jpg

Neal Asher

David Brin

C.J. Cherryh

Frederik Pohl -- Heechee books

Mary Doria Russell

Sarah Zettel

Mystery and Law Enforcement

Crime and punishment in the future. Some authors focus on police and detective work in a future setting while others write about the mysteries of ancient disappearances or alien artifacts (like Jack McDevitt).

0553383310.jpg 0765312727.jpg 0765301938.jpg 0441013295.jpg 0345457692.jpg 9780316021722.jpg

Marc Giller

Warren Hammond

Thomas Harlan

Richard K. Morgan

Jeff Somers

Military Action

Naval adventure, bloody wars with fierce aliens, even bloodier wars between interstellar human empires... Battles in space, what could be better!

9780441016327.jpg 1416591591.jpg 9781439133057.jpg 0345447565.jpg 9781439132739.jpg 0765309408.jpg 9781416591474.jpg

William Dietz

David Drake

Eric Flint

Elizabeth Moon

John Ringo

John Scalzi

David Weber

Time Travel

Time travel is one of the most enduring of science fiction ideas and authors are still putting new spins on the dream (sometimes with a time machine, sometimes without). For a current example, check out Joe Haldeman's The Accidental Time Machine.

0151004498.jpg 0671319523.jpg 0553099957.jpg 015602943X.jpg 9780143118411.jpg 9781451627282.jpg

Kage Baker

Andre Norton - Time Traders series

Connie Willis

Diana Gabaldon-Outlander Series

Science Fiction Resources


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