S.T.E.M. Booklist for Kids and Teens

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S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Library Resources

(from A National Action Plan for Addressing the Critical Needs of the U.S. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education System)

"The United States possesses the most innovative, technologically capable economy in the world, and yet its science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education system is failing to ensure that all American students receive the skills and knowledge required for success in the 21st century workforce... To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, all students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past... Strengthening STEM education across the Nation is critical to maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens and ensuring that Americans remain competitive in international science and technology. Public awareness and action are critical to addressing this crisis."

5th/6th Grade Resources


Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Science

Cool Math : Math Tricks, Amazing Math Activities, Cool Calculations, Awesome Math Factoids and More

DK Online Science Encyclopedia

Electronics: MP3s, TVs, and DVDs

How Come?: Every Kid's Science Questions Explained

I Want to Be an Engineer

The Math Book for Girls and Other Beings Who Count

Micro Machines : Ultra-small World of Nano Technology Science Frontiers

Painless Junior: Math

Robot Warriors

7th/8th Grade Resources


Are we alone?: Scientists Search for Life in Space

Black Stars: African American Women Scientists and Inventors

Built to Last: Building America's Amazing Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, and Skyscrapers

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Math

Genetics and Genetic Engineering

The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way


The Visual Dictionary of Physics

9th/10th Grade Resources


More Engineering Projects for Young Scientists

11th/12th Grade Resources


Career Opportunities in Engineering

Career Opportunities in Forensic Science

The Design of Future Things

Extreme Science: The Highway of Light and Other Man-Made Wonders

The Kingdom of Infinite Number: A Field Guide

Mathematics for Engineering

McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Engineering

Power, Speed, and Form: Engineers and the Making of the Twentieth Century

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