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Romance: Printable Author List



They meet. Sparks fly! They fall in love. Obstacles appear and are overcome. They live happily ever after - or, at least, we hope they do. Romance novels have been capturing the attention of avid readers for years and is one of the best-selling genres in the publishing world. Romances have evolved over the years from strict genre-confined plots to thrillers and quirky stories with a romantic emphasis. They come in all shapes and sizes and appeal to a large variety of readers. If you think you're not a romance fan, it might be time to check out the genre again.


Contemporary romances feature modern heroines who are balancing work, life and family. They mimic Chick Lit in style and tone but the romantic relationship takes up more of the plot. These career women are not your typical romantic heroine and their unique voices contribute to quirky, fulfilling love stories.

0385335482.jpg 9780373774548.jpg 9780373774524.jpg 9780373774388.jpg 0312319533.jpg 9780373831777.jpg 9780446618410.jpg 0451216407.jpg 9780505527998.jpg

Sophie Kinsella - Confessions of a Shopaholic

Carly Phillips - Kiss Me If You Can

Susan Mallery - Chasing Perfect

Kristan Higgins - The Next Best Thing

Elin Hilderbrand - Blue Bistro

Brenda Jackson - Wrapped in Pleasure

Robin Wells - Between the Sheets

Julie Ortolon - Almost Perfect

Christie Craig - Shut Up and Kiss Me


Cowboys in spurs fall head over heels in love with country or city girls amid feisty Wyoming cattle or beloved Texas farms. Harsh life on the range means that these romances are filled with tales of financial worry or stubborn, rough and tumble heroes who are often surprised to find themselves in love with the heroine. In the end, love always prevails.

9780312605384.jpg 0843945621.jpg 9780373773886.jpg 9780515145434.jpg 084395664X.jpg 9780821779927.jpg 9781420101751.jpg 9780373828876.jpg 9780425243909.jpg

Lisa Kleypas - Married by Morning

Leigh Greenwood - Pete

Linda Lael Miller - The Bridegroom

Jodi Thomas - Tall, Dark and Texan

Bobbi Smith - Defiant

Georgina Gentry - To Seduce a Texan

Jo Goodman - Never Love a Lawman

Victoria Bylin - Marrying the Major

Jo Goodman - Kissing Comfort

Plus-Sized Heroines

In real life women of all shapes and sizes fall in love. Why should it be any different in the romance world? Plus-size romances feature heroines that may be a size 12 or a size 24. When they meet their very own Rochester, it may take a bit of convincing before they fully embrace the fact that they've found their happily ever after.

0767905172.jpg 0312303467.jpg 0451207653.jpg 0758200846.jpg 0743418174.jpg 0451209028.jpg

Jane Green - Jemima J

Jennifer Crusie - Bet Me

Rochelle Alers - Living Large

Lori Foster - Too Much Temptation

Jennifer Weiner - Good in Bed

Karen Brichoux - Coffee & Kung Fu

Military/Law Enforcement

Everyone loves a man in uniform - especially the heroines in these novels. Whether he's a police officer, fireman, soldier or CIA agent, these tales of romance between an officer and a lady are filled with action, mystery and adventure that can take the reader from the smallest American town to a world of international espionage. The intrigue only adds another layer to the passionate romance threaded throughout the story.

1585474568.jpg 9780345500779.jpg 0373275714.jpg 0373771428.jpg 9780440244691.jpg 9780373773077.jpg 0758211031.jpg 1414310617.jpg 9780373772216.jpg

Suzanne Brockmann - Taylor's Temptation

Julie Garwood - Sizzle

Catherine Mann - Out of Uniform

Lindsay McKenna - Beyond the Limit

Tara Janzen - Loose & Easy

Christina Skye - To Catch a Thief

Amy J. Fetzer - Naked Truth

Dee Henderson - The Rescuer

Jennifer Crusie - Getting Rid of Bradley

Brides and Weddings

Love and marriage. It's every little girl's dream to have a beautiful white wedding. For these heroines, though, the white wedding is often a facade, covering the tracks of a marriage of convenience. However, the distant, unavailable husband soon realizes that he can't live without his new bride...and convincing her of that fact is half the battle.

9780425230077.jpg 9780778327011.jpg 9781416505303.jpg 9780061795176.jpg 9780446618458.jpg 9780803477674.jpg

Nora Roberts - Bed of Roses

Debbie Macomber - Wyoming Brides

Janet Chapman - The Man Must Marry

Stephanie Laurens - The Brazen Bride

Lori Wilde - There Goes the Bride

Jane McBride Choate - The Bride Price


Vampires and werewolves...shifters of many kinds. Psychics and warlocks, too. These nontraditional heroes have some genetic anomalies, but still manage to be recognizable as typical Alpha males. They are stubborn, fantastical and full of passion. They catch the heroine unaware, knocking down her walls of logic and reason to reveal entirely new worlds.

9780312546595.jpg 9781416594871.jpg 9780425224380.jpg 9781420105681.jpg 9780399156465.jpg 9780345499912.jpg 9780778312475.jpg 9780312949587.jpg 0743467442.jpg

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Retribution

Janet Chapman - Moonlight Warrior

Shiloh Walker - The Missing

Lisa Plumley - My Favorite Witch

Amanda Quick - Burning Lamp

Cherry Adair - Night Secrets

Stephanie Chong - Where Demons Fear to Tread

Cheyenne McCray - Shadow Magic

Susan Sizemore - I Hunger for You


Historical romances run the gamut from life on the American frontier to Victorian England and regency settings. Readers get lost in a time long ago when the cultural and social landscape was vastly different. Still, historical heroines manage to chafe at the strictly drawn lines of etiquette and overcome the obstacles of family obligations to find true love.

9780778328483.jpg 9781416560821.jpg 9781439101070.jpg 9780061235368.jpg 0515138622.jpg 9780446195300.jpg 9780061491900.jpg 9780062068521.jpg 0671776096.jpg

Anne Stuart - Ruthless

Sabrina Jeffries - Wed Him Before You Bed Him

Johanna Lindsey - That Perfect Someone

Teresa Medeiros - Some Like It Wild

Amanda Quick - Wait Until Midnight

Sue Ellen Welfonder - A Highlander's Temptation

Julia Quinn - Just Like Heaven

Sarah MacLean - A Rogue By Any Other Name

Judith McNaught - Whitney, My Love

Plain Janes

The ordinary girl gets the guy - or less than ordinary. It's often a given that a man will fall for a beautiful woman, so when a romance heroine is frumpy and plain, it sets the stage for a heartwarming story of altruistic love. These heroines might not fall into the traditional category of ravishing beauties, but they have have spunk, intelligence and wit - and in the end, they capture the hero's heart.

0380776847.jpg 1551667088.jpg 1575666731.jpg 0380815583.jpg 0399142495.jpg

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Heaven, Texas

Diana Palmer - Lawless

Fern Michaels - Plain Jane

Julia Quinn - An Offer from a Gentleman

Lavyrle Spencer - Small Town Girl

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