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The graphic novel is more than a genre of books, it's a format of storytelling. Graphic novels use words and pictures to tell stories. Like any other format of storytelling (films, books, music, etc.), you can find all types of stories when you look for a graphic novel. You'll find horror, sci-fi, biographies, mysteries and much more. Graphic novels are a lot like traditional novels in plot and character, but they are also like films because the visuals are provided. These books are unique because the still images of the graphic novel let you savor beautiful artwork in great detail.


Classic graphic novels, from Alan Moore's Watchmen to Frank Miller's Sin City, run the gamut from the traditional superhero to biographical tales and come illustrated in a wide variety of artistic styles. Classics might be bestsellers from decades ago or the exhaustive efforts of a well-known writer or illustrator.

0930289234.jpg 1563896737.jpg 1593072937.jpg 0930289528.jpg 037542380X.jpg 1560977426.jpg 9780307377326.jpg 037542332X.jpg

Alan Moore - Watchmen and V for Vendetta

Frank Miller - Sin City

Mark Waid - Kingdom Come

Charles Burns - Black Hole

David Mazzucchelli - Asterios Polyp

Daniel Clowes - Ice Haven


Horror graphic novels explore the horrific side of human nature with murderous villains wreaking havoc and causing mayhem for innocent central characters or delving into the minds of psychopathic outlaws. Authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz have partnered with talented artists to publish their tales in graphic format.

0958578346.jpg 9781401225018.jpg 0971977550.jpg 1593079109.jpg 9780345506405.jpg 9781607060765.jpg 9781401224240.jpg 9781595823113.jpg 9780785142720.jpg

Alan Moore - From Hell

Peter Milligan - John Constantine, Hellblazer: Scab

Steve Niles - 30 Days of Night

Michael Mignola - Hellboy

Chuck Dixon - Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, Vol. 1

Robert Kirkman - The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1

Neil Gaiman - The Sandman: the dream hunters

Eric Powell - The Goon no. 7

Stephen King - The Stand, Vol. 1, Captain Trips


Mysteries explore anything from high-stakes crimes and whodunits to local hauntings and capers. Graphic novels bring mysteries to life in new ways with illustrations that go from comic-style to lush, vivid tapestries of artwork. The illustrations only add to the suspense.

189659719X.jpg 9781934506905.jpg 0345499662.jpg 9781401223601.jpg 9781607061595.jpg 0345509889.jpg 9781401221300.jpg 9780345507464.jpg 9781401224875.jpg

Dylan Horrocks - Hicksville

Mark Waid - Irredeemable

Queenie Chan - In Odd We Trust

Ed Brubaker - Sleeper series

John Layman - Chew

Patricia Briggs - Mercy Thompson

Brian Wood - DMZ

Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files

Jason Aaron - Scalped


Fantasy novels explore new worlds, magical realms and mystic creatures. It's easy to get lost in unimagined galaxies and ancient legends at the hands of a skilled writer. Fantasy novels in graphic form take the reader's imagination even further with elaborate illustrations.

9781603090001.jpg 9780345517982.jpg 9781401224639.jpg 9781595823977.jpg 1593076738.jpg 9781401220778.jpg 9781595824417.jpg

Roy Thomas - Conan

Alan Moore - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Stephen King - Talisman

Neil Gaiman - Absolute Death

Bryan Talbot - Grandville & Alice in Sunderland

R.A. Salvatore - The Legend of Drizzt

Kurt Busiek - Astro City, the Dark Age

Bill Willingham- Fables

Science Fiction

Science fiction graphic novels explore technical disasters and epic tales of biological warfare. Artists create intricate illustrations of innovative technologies and scientific horror to capture the reader's imagination.

9780446581202.jpg 9781401219215.jpg 9781401224905.jpg 9781593077259.jpg 9781401218140.jpg 9781934506752.jpg 9781595823564.jpg 9781560978893.jpg 9780307378422.jpg

Brian K. Vaughan - Y, the Last Man and Ex Machina

Bryan Talbot - The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Rockne S O'Bannon - Farscape

Matt Kindt - 3 Story

Dash Shaw - Body World


A stray asteroid radiates intergalactic radiation creating a superhuman or chemicals in the atmosphere mingle to create a genetic anomaly. It doesn't matter how they come to be, but superheroes keep audiences riveted to long-running series of books and movies. There is no greater platform for the superhero story than the graphic novel. This format of storytelling was built on superhero artwork.

9781401224219.jpg 1401224253.jpg 9780785119616.jpg 9781401226565.jpg 9781401220105.jpg 9780785140115.jpg 0785118349.jpg 9780785138525.jpg 9780785132745.jpg

Geoff Johns - Green Lantern. Agent Orange

Mark Millar - Superman: Red Son

Ed Brubaker - X-Men: Deadly Genesis

Grant Morrison - Batman: Under the Cowl

Alan Burnett - Justice League of America

Brian Michael Bendis - Ultimate Spider-man and Dark Avengers

Daniel Way - Deadpool


Some of the most popular nonfiction graphic novels include retellings of historic events, biographies and memoirs. The artistic interpretation of factual events can provide an interesting backdrop for well-known stories and add an extra something to biographic tales.

9780393061024.jpg 1596914521.jpg 9781897299746.jpg 9781770460072.jpg 1897299974.jpg 9780759523562.jpg 9781603090476.jpg 0312532865.jpg 1894937902.jpg

R. Crumb - The Book of Genesis

Apostolos K. Doxiades - Logicomix

Yoshihiro Tatsumi - A Drifting Life

Daniel Clowes - Wilson

James Sturm - Market Day

Keiko Tobe - With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child

Eddie Campbell - Alec

Parsua Bashi - Nylon Road

Marguerite Abouet - Aya

General Fiction

General fiction doesn't fall into the genres of mystery, horror, or sci-fi, etc. It encompasses literary works, including the classics, and contemporary fiction about modern life. In the graphic novel format, writers tell funny, quirky, heartwarming or dramatic stories in words and pictures.

9780785139157.jpg 9780805089271.jpg 9781595823571.jpg 9781891830983.jpg 9781593079727.jpg 9781593079000.jpg 1400047951.jpg 9781907127113.jpg

Jane Austen & Nancy Butler - Pride & Prejudice

Hannah Berry - Britten and Brulightly

Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

M.K. Perker - Insomnia Cafe

Alex Robinson - Too Cool to be Forgotten

Lia Simone - Fluffy

Kazuo Koike - Color of Rage

Eric Dooker - Flood!: A Novel in Pictures

Gilbert Hernandez - High Soft Lisp

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