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Fantasy: Printable Author List



Everyone wants a little magic in their lives and what better way than to read a great fantasy novel. Fantasy is most often associated with wizards, dragons, knights, magic, and quests of epic proportions. They can involve our own world splice with magic or be set in entirely new universes (sometimes set up on a giant turtle's back). The fantasy novel embodies the ultimate escape from reality.


These books & authors helped define the fantasy genre and are the ones readers will return to again and again!

9780618968633.jpg 9781596062917.jpg 0151005613.jpg 9780345500892.jpg 0312867271.jpg 0345441184.jpg 0151015449.jpg

Epic Fantasy

Set in entirely fictional worlds these books are serious, complex, and above all EPIC!

9780756406608.jpg 0312872380.jpg 9780060882136.jpg 9781841498164.jpg 9780307739681.jpg

Sword & Sorcery

Sword-wielding heroes, exciting battles, and an element of magic.

9780765312099.jpg 9780345458520.jpg 0765306840.jpg 0312861575.jpg 9780441016785.jpg 9780553386790.jpg

Contemporary and Urban Fantasy

Modern. Real world, real city fantasy.

9780316037778.jpg 9780765325556.jpg 9780451464446.jpg 006051518X.jpg 0765302969.jpg 0553100041.jpg

Humorous Fantasy

Comic, humorous, and a bit absurd.

034545328X.jpg 0441013112.jpg 0345379624.jpg 1886778655.jpg 0060815221.jpg 9780061779725.jpg

Genre Benders

Additional fantasy authors who are not easily categorized.

9780060182984.jpg 9780061375385.jpg 9780316056632.jpg 1582344167.jpg 9781930846531.jpg 9780765318411.jpg

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