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Have You Heard a Good Book Lately?

Check out some of GRPL's award-winning book recordings. They're available in CD and digital formats. Here are some resources to help you select the best books to listen to:

The Audie Awardpresented annually for audio books that demonstrate distinction in spoken word entertainment, is sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association, a non-profit trade group. For a complete list of nominees and winners visit the Audio Publishers Association


A Few Audie Award Winners

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2015 46809010.jpg 46767634.jpg 46751878.jpg 46801327.jpg 46763122.jpg 46750548.jpg 46802313.jpg

2014 46731510.jpg 46729270.jpg 46731515.jpg 46730119.jpg 46727380.jpg 46684722.jpg 46044360.jpg

2013 0142437980.jpg 9780062123749.jpg 9780805090031.jpg 9780312655464.jpg 9781452607603.jpg 9781452606170.jpg 9781611134209.jpg


Other spoken word category distinctions are Golden Voicesand the AudioFile Earphones Awards. Most audiobook narrators are actors or professional voice talent, which makes a pleasurable listening experience. Some librarian favorites include:


More Awards

Although its been around for half a century and usually synonymous with music, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences doesn't just award musicians. Each year a Grammy Award is given for the "Best Spoken Word Recording." Recent winners include:


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Also search the GRPL catalog for audio recordings of books that have won the following prizes:

  • The Nobel Prize in Literaturedistinguishes the works of authors from many different countries, cultures, and languages. The prize has been awarded to acclaimed authors, and undiscovered talent. Visit for a complete list of Nobel Laureates in Literature.

General Fiction

Select Popular Titles

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Romance & Women's Fiction

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science Fiction


Literary Classics

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Here's a small sample of popular horror authors in GRPL's audio collection. Additional information about the horror genre and its authors can be found at the Horror Writers Association web site.



Check Western Writers for updates on western novels as well as information on the Spur Award.

Online Resources

Audiobooks For the Visually Impaired

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